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The Plot Jacobs Bay, where stress and tension drains out of your body. The natural feel of stone and wood, this backpackers is under a natural tree canopy blocking the harsh African sun.

How it began west coast self catering chalets in Jacobsbaai In the year 1996 a good man bought a tree, with 2.4 hectares of land around this tree. He decided to make more trees, and using pieces of this tree he planted a mini forest. Under the canopy of this forest the good man decided to build a place for him to rest his head when visiting the tree, and did not stop building until he had place for 30 of his friends to rest their vary heads as well.

Since the good man and his friends now needed a place to drink and eat, he built a bar, and a kitchen big enough for these friends to make food. 5 huge fire/braai areas followed to provide heat and to cook meat, and then he built the bar bigger as his friends started eating more than drinking.

“Drinking and eating is a lot of fun” thought the good man, “but without a bathroom it would pose a problem.” And he immediately built ablution facilities that could cater for the 30 friends. He then decided to build a place for him and his friends to hang out, when not eating or drinking – and did not stop until he had a 100 square meter, 9 meter fully enclosed lapa.

Since the good man, and some his friends had kids, he built them a play area that made the adults jealous, so the good man built them an splash pool/hot tub, and built the bar area even bigger.

This man and what he has created around this tree would absolutely blow your mind. The motto of “License to be Yourself” sums it up perfectly. August to September is a period when we bear witness to a miracle, a kaleidoscope of colour that paints the landscape like a patchwork blanket. Come and see nature take its course – nuff said.”







Herewith our cancellation policy:

One month before stay date: 50% deposit is refundable Two weeks before stay date: 25% deposit is refundable Less than 2 weeks before stay date: 0% is refundable

The Pixie and Fairy Village

Do you believe in Pixies and Fairies?

Well….they are residing in The Pixie and Fairy Village, situated on the West Coast in Jacobs Bay.


This unique Pixie and Fairy Village was created from the whimsical imagination of ‘Pixie’ Maritz, who grew up on a family farm called Mpanza in Kwa-Zulu Natal, where according to local custom, it was where the “river fairies” inhabited the river banks.


As a child, Pixie grew up amid the misty forests, rivers and mountains on farmlands where her imagination flourished. Her deep love for this environment has manifested in the fantastical Village, capturing the imagination of young and old.


Spend time with the pixies and fairies amongst their natural forest environment and revel in the ongoing work of innovative artists and artisans.


Artists such as Clifford Noi, Trish Lazenby and Marcel Maximilian have also contributed to the artwork.


Accommodation is available on site, should you wish to stay a while.


Mama Pixie feels that each Pixie and Fairy in the Village has taken on a spirit of their own and has their own identity and requests that children do not touch them, so as not to disturb their peaceful Pixie Land experience.


Clifford Noi who has been an artist for 19 years, has lovingly created the Pixie Village with its many water features.  He has been inspired by books, movies and pictures whilst creating the Pixie Village which he feels has touched his soul.  Dixon Andrew is his apprentice and is also a local artist who sketches and paints.


A tea garden is also planned as well as a shop selling various articles including miniature “Pixie Villages”.


Any donations of Pixies, Fairies, Gnomes to the Pixie Village are graciously accepted!


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