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Swartriet is the windsurfer’s paradise and is one of the best windsurfing spots in the world.

Google Wind Guru which will give you the wind conditions on a daily basis for Cape Town and the West Coast.

Swartriet is situated on a 600m wide bay with rocky points on either end. The predominant southerly wind is cross offshore. Deep sea reefs refract the ocean swells resulting in two amplified peaking waves in the bay. Waves here are generally twice the size compare to Cape Town, Sunset Beach. The rocky points on either end prevent Longboard currents that flow with the wind (ie. no reduction in apparent wind), allowing for excellent jumping conditions.

The wind is channeled to blow strongest in the impact zone (similar to Cape Point). Even in strong winds with big swells, the wave faces remain smooth and do not close-out, allowing for unparalleled wave-riding conditions. Intermediate wave riders can sail on the windward side of the bay where the waves are small and break on a sandy bed. Experts can sail the main peaks, but must take care of the treacherous rocks on the downwind side of the bay and the shallow reefs on the inside. On massive days it is still possible to get out on the windward side of the bay, ride a few three quarter mast high waves and the maybe one 1 and half mast high main peak wave! When the wind is light (early mornings) Swartriet is an excellent surf spot with consistent peaking beach break waves.

IDEAL CONDITIONS FOR SWARTRIET Just after passing cold fronts, the wind turns South East at Swartriet while it is still blowing South West in Cape Town. Whenever the surf in Cape Town is flat and the South Easter is blowing along the West Coast, there is always a wave at Swartriet. Swartriet also gets a strong North wind before approaching cold fronts. The wind starts blowing here a day before the NW starts blowing in Cape Town.

Swartriet is the ideal West Coast base. The best flat water sailing in the country is nearby at Langebaan, while the best Cape surf spot is nearby at Elandsbay (good windsurfing here too).
Costs for day visitors are R10 per car and R5 per person.