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Mama Pixie grew up in Kwa Zulu Natal on a farm and spent a lot of her time as a young girl in nature.  She often used to lie on a branch of a tree in a forest close to her home in the peace and tranquility and gaze down on the nearby running stream and visualise that pixies and fairies lived there and in the forest.  According to local custom the “river fairies” inhabit the river banks.

She has been collecting Pixies and Fairies for 27 years and also got them as gifts from friends, family and clients.  Her husband Gerrie also supported her and also gave her many of the pixies and fairies that you will see in the Pixie Village.

For absolutely stunning fairy sculptures please visit the following website:

Dramatic Fairy Sculptures Dancing With Dandelions By Robin Wight

Mama Pixie feels that each Pixie and Fairy in the Village has taken on a spirit of their own and has their own identity and requests that children do not touch them, so as not to disturb their peaceful Pixie Land experience.

Clifford Noi who has been an artist for 19 years, has lovingly created the Pixie Village with its many water features.  He has been inspired by books, movies and pictures whilst creating the Pixie Village which he feels has touched his soul.  Dixon Andrew is his apprentice and is also a local artist who sketches and paints who will be taking people on tours through the Pixie Village.

A tea garden is also planned as well as a shop selling various articles including miniature “Pixie Villages”.

Any donations of Pixies, Fairies, Gnomes to the Pixie Village are graciously accepted!

The launch date of the opening of Pixie Land will be advised once all the Fairies and Pixies have all moved into the Pixie Village.  Watch this space!!

Entrance fee into the Pixie Village :

R35         Adults (16 years and older)

R20         Children (6 to 16)

So come for the day or bring your family and stay at Jacobsbay Backpackers.

Have a magical day!!!